Music and Sound For The Healing Arts, Meditation, Yoga, and Massage



Mike is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, and producer committed to personal and planetary transformation. His primary tools are sounds and music. He is also a Licensed Massage Therapist that works closely with healers and therapists of various modalities to create music perfectly designed to meet their needs and the needs of their clients.

Mike resides near Seattle with his wife, dearest friend, and co-producer Pam and their feline roommates Nacho, Beany, and Zach. He draws upon the natural beauty of the Northwest for inspiration. He also travels with his portable audio equipment and instruments, recording the sounds of nature, which he sometimes weaves into his healing soundscapes. With eyes, ears, and heart open, Mike is thankful for every day, for sound, and for all of the loving beings that touch his life.


A Time For Healing



This music is designed to enhance the experience of a relaxing massage, and will help rejuvenate mind, body and soul. At Mountain Sun Massage & Spa we have been using Mike’s music for massage therapy for over a year and our clients love it! Whether you’re looking for a relaxing blend for meditation, massage or just a Zen time out at home I know you’ll love this CD.

Lisa Cole, LMP

Owner, Mountain Sun Massage & Spa

Marvelous! I can listen to Passage without distraction while I work as a writer. I find myself breathing deeply more often, and it enhances my productivity and creative flow!

Linda Mihalic

Partners In Syzygy

I am completely entranced by Mike’s music. I can feel the music in my chakras and feel it pulling me to a more expansive place. It is perfect for meditation, massage or as a sleep aid. This CD has decreased the stress in my life and increased my connection with Spirit.

Carmin Dalzeil

Manager, Center for Spiritual Living