A Time For Healing

I created this music with the intention of conveying peace, calm, healing, and relaxation. I was blessed to be able to consult with many therapists and their clients to ensure that these soundscapes enhance the therapeutic flow of massage and enable deep levels of relaxation. The music also provides wonderful background music for studying, working, and meditation, and has been used by counselors during guided visualizations.

Instrumentation is diverse, including acoustic and electric guitars, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, Native American flutes, drones, and many keyboard-based virtual instruments from around the world. Gentle nature sounds provide background, inspiration, and flow on many tracks.

Thank you for listening to these samples and hope you enjoy your stay here!




One World Music

From the moment I heard the opening birdsong and the equally grounding refrains of the track Hope from Mike Walls “A Time For Healing” I just knew that I was about to listen to greatness in the making, by the end of the album I can confirm in my opinion and someone who has been involved in many aspects of the New Age music industry for some fifteen years that this is easily one of the top ten albums of that time.
The start is perfect; it’s deep and takes you to the very depths of the emotions that need to be healed. As we would discuss with Mike, each piece is long form, but cut to precise moments in time to bring the album into a very special realm indeed, it indeed does give us Hope!
Track two is a little special for me, it indeed reminds me of two excellent albums Journey To the Temple by Llewellyn and David Neagles Temple In The Forest, as we stand of the very precipice of Forgiveness we must take that leap of faith and Walls composition here makes it far easier to trust to do so.
We can easily recommend this album both as therapists and as radio hosts, it works so very well within both aspects of our life. The album flows like an effortless stream, with in triads of stunning reflection we drift from the track Compassion and Unity with such delicate ease.
I remember this part of the album when we played it, strangely enough we were decorating at the time, we took a break while this album floated around our bedroom, we noticed that we were visibly relaxing, which didn’t do much for our painting it did wonders for our blood pressure.
When we embark on a journey of self-healing, a key factor if not the key factor is self-forgiveness, this part helped me greatly and the gentle birdsong and sounds of nature filled me with an essence of inner peace I hadn’t truly had for years like the music I have indeed gone through the process of Transformation.
Healing touch has some sublime guitar within its aspect, but nature is still there, this track is the piece that gives permission to be healed and it’s almost joyous tones can see the listener and the client really drifting away with the slightly lighter touch of Mike Walls magical mid album composition.
Keepers of the Earth is something special, the combination of cultures with a Tibetan Bowl and Native American flute is an inspiring piece that fills me with a sense of optimism that a shattered piece of soul is re-joining the whole once more and that very word spiritual aspect of this whole album hits home at this point. In a memory I am reminded of an emotional time spent in Oklahoma with my late wife at Ponca City Lake.
The piece Sacred Journey starts with three resonating Tibetan Bowl strikes and here Walls amazing album has now given us a time to reflect on our healing journey, for me it’s been one of some eight years or so, but using an album like A Time For Healing will truly help on that and your journey should you wish to take one. This is a very moving track, deep in parts but perfect in the context of its placement in the albums structure.
We finally finish with Reflections and Awaken to complete this review for what is for me ground breaking material, the guitar in this track is a gentle reminder of the healing we have received, but more importantly the lessons learned along the way. In reflection the track I hear more good music and excellent structure and in reflection on the entire album, I stand by my opening statement, some of the best New Age music in this style I have heard for some fifteen years.
Mike Wall should be proud of himself for composing such a brilliant album and as such One World Radio would defiantly recommend this release as a must buy for anyone, but especially for use in meditation or healing. In years to come, A Time for Healing will stand the test of time and be regarded as a true New Age classic.

Mainly Piano

“A Time For Healing” is the second release from Mike Wall, a massage therapist from near Seattle, WA, who is also a musician, passionate nature sound recordist, and “sound chaser.” Throughout the process of making this album, Wall consulted with other massage therapists and their clients as well as his own clientele to ensure that the music would enhance the therapeutic flow of massage and enable deep levels of relaxation. The album also provides a peaceful and soothing background for activities such as reading, studying, working, and meditating, and has been used by counselors during guided visualizations. Instrumentation includes acoustic and electric guitars, Native American flutes, Tibetan singing bowls and bells, keyboards, and gentle nature sounds (birds, flowing water, etc.). All of the music was composed, performed, and produced by Mike Wall. The sound quality is warm and welcoming, and since the music is mostly of an ambient style, it is easy to consciously check in and out at any point to enjoy a more (or less) direct listening experience. Wall is a fan of Indian classical music and influences from that and other world music styles are apparent in his music. While the ten tracks flow easily from one to the next, each is distinctive in its own way.

“Hope” begins “A Time For Healing” with bird sounds, wordless vocals, Native American flute, guitar, keyboard washes and background sounds. The leisurely tempo and gentle flow beckon the listener to a place of optimism and grace. “Forgiveness” has a quiet beauty all its own. Peacefully shimmering like light on water, this nine-minute soundscape is as refreshing as an afternoon nap. “Compassion” has a beautiful piano lead that is backed with strings, birds, and ambient sounds. Warm and comforting, this is a favorite. “Healing Touch” has a hypnotic quality that soothes as the sounds slowly flow through the mind. “Sacred Journey” contrasts the music of singing bowls with singing birds, and then moves into a more mysterious vast open space. Cello, voices, and ambient sounds transport you to another world. “Awaken” gently brings us back to reality feeling refreshed and renewed. The sound of ocean waves behind the guitar and flute enhance the feelings of well-being and tranquility.

“A Time For Healing” is a beautiful hour-long retreat for the body and soul. Recommended.


A Time for Healing is stunning in a way only Mike Wall could create with a synthesis of nature sounds, Tibetan singing bowls, Native American flutes, chimes, and more. Mike’s music is not only meant to help you relax, but to allow you to find your place of deep healing. There is a resonant “hum” in his work that reaches the far depths of the psyche and also enters the
body on a cellular level. My clients have said things like, “that music took me somewhere very deep,” “I feel like my whole body followed the sounds” and “the nature sounds with the human-made sounds is a perfect synthesis.” I am grateful for Mike Wall’s music, for it not only is integral to my bodywork practice, but to my own life and healing path.


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