PASSAGE is 62 minutes, symbolic of a journey within a journey. You may listen in any order, but this is how the journey proceeds for me:

DAWN OF LIGHT: A perfect day starts with a perfect Dawn… new beginnings with the first step, a heart open to transformation. Dawn of Light invites us to stop, breathe, and let our breath’s rhythm match the flow of the soundscape. Prepare for the journey within.

POINT LOBOS: Spend the day on the rich, diverse coastline of Point Lobos, near Monterey, California. Natural cadences of wind, surf and ocean air, with sea birds, harbor seals, otters, and distant humpbacks, create a deep calm, offering boundless space for inspiration and hope. The ocean washes away our stress, and heals.

IN THE NOW: Journey deeply into the present as chimes and a Tibetan singing bowl erase time. Each breath in & out cleanses and renews us.

INNER PEACE: End with the Beginning. The genesis of this, the first piece composed for Passage, was the Winter Solstice of 2005. With the first brush strokes during the shortest days of the year, it gives thanks and optimistically looks to spring’s rising Light.

Follow your Heart. Dream. Create. Realize Transformation.

Peace to you on your Journey,
Mike Wall